Xia Mei Sheng (China)

»Charming Mount Lushan«

Malerei am Eröffnungswochenende des Waldkunstpfades, 21. und 22. August




Xia Mei Sheng, head of Lushan Painting Academy, is a member of Jiangxi Chinese Artists Association, a member of Chinese-Painting Artists Association and Jiangxi Water-Color Painting Association. He’s also a senior advisor of Singapore New Country Fine Arts and an inspector of Japanese National Handwriting and Art institute.

Born in Mt. Lushan, China, in 1956, Xia Mei Sheng was graduated from Jiangxi Teacher’s College 1980, majored in Arts Department. Ever since 1980, has been working in Mt. Lushan Painting Academy.

His paintings won 1st price of Jiangxi Water and Color paintings exhibition in 1989, National environmental paintings competition silver medal in 2003.  Staying in Japan from 1989 m-1991 in academic exchange Center of Gifu, Japan, he held »China Lushan World« exhibitions and his work get very popular in Japan too.