Elena Redaelli (Italien)

»A little spider can build much more complex things«

Eine 30qm umfassende begehbare Textilinstallation







Elena Redaelli was born in Erba (Como Province) in 1981.

She obtained her degree at the Artistic Liceum »Medardo Rosso« in Lecco and in 2005 took her degree in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art of Rome. She followed courses of art therapy and psycho therapy held by no profit association in Rome. My expressive research led me to work with wires, weaving warp and weft, creating »webs«, 3D developing in space. Through the use of craft horizontal and vertical frame, I create polymateric tapestries taking sculptural dimensions. My works are made using materials being at least at their second cycle of life, that is why I cooperate with firms promoting the creative reuse of their products. The dimension that interests me most is that installation and above all the outside work, in the open space, in nature. My research aims to deepen the union between what is rational and calculable, which may define objects and relationships and everything that is elusive being everywhere. Yet in purely formalistic study of elements you can find the root of a pantheistic conception of the universe, where everything is traceable to the microcosm and macrocosm: repetition of the same structures (patterns, fractals), in the infinitely large as well as in the infinitely small. This sentence encloses the rule of my forms and their development and the attempt to return the whole as a harmonious union of space and human intervention.