Caroline Saunders (GB)

»The Wolf of Darmstadt«

Ein Weg, eine begehbare Strecke in Wolfsform, die sich an das Darmstädter Straßennetz anlehnt.






Caroline Saunders grew up in Glasgow and is a sculptor of the Prague Academy of Art (Akademie Vytvernych Umeni 1994-97) and Exeter College of Art 1987-1990. Her previous undergraduate studies were in geography and a fascination with the natural world has continued in her sculptures. Deeply influenced by Scandinavian culture her sculptures breathe an atmosphere of wild, isolated slopes covered with snow that crunched underfoot beneath an ageless sky. For 15 years she has exhibited, worked on private commissions, run workshops and executed public sculptures including:

1997 Pelican Gate, 6 preening pelicans perched on a gate for Blackpool Zoo, was one of many large scale projects completed during a residency at the zoo (1996-97).

2000 Talisman, for Gargia Fjellstue, Norway. A tower of slate and wood with an abstracted bird form looking out onto the Tundra.

2003 Little Red House, cast in iron the house reflects tradition siting carefully in the environment for Pirrkala City Finland, a collaboration with Swiss artist Isabel Rohner.

2004 Art 4 the Environment Trail, Shrewsbury. Digital street signs of images of birds and animals hidden within the street layout of Charles Darwin's home town.

2005 Playground Sculpture in bronze and oak for Central Church of England School, Exeter.

She lived and worked in Lapland before settling in Prague in 1994. Since 2001 Caroline has been based in Exeter, England. She was awarded in direct international competition, first prize in the Telford Open in 2003, received support from Devon Artsculture in 2005 and an award from the Arts Council England in 2006. In 2007 the Arts Council awarded her a bursary to set up group studios in Exeter which she now helps run, providing support for local artists.